Shersheba (Tharini Mudaliar) is a woman from the Planet of the Oceans of royal blood and stages a coup against Neri and Mera.

Character OverviewEdit

Arriving On EarthEdit

Describe Shersheba's first encounters with Neri and Jason in Egypt and on ORCA.

The Golden AnkhEdit

Describe Shersheba's quest to gain power of the pyramids by getting the golden ankh from Neri. The lengths she goes to to get it.

The Red VirusEdit

Describe Shersheba's role in both releasing the Red Virus on Earth and how she helped save The Ocean Planet and in turning on Malakat.

Key PointsEdit

Character TraitsEdit

  1. List all traits that help give an overall impression of the character, actions/skills/features/etc

Defining MomentsEdit

  1. Key moments for the character listed in brief detail

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