Vanessa Lane

Vanessa Lane (Jacalyn Prince) is highly intelligent, and knows it. She was not overjoyed about coming to ORCA feeling the other kids were of lesser intelligence.

Character OverviewEdit

Discovery of NeriEdit

Vanessa's the girl you love to hate. She possesses a burning curiosity and hates to be left out, very little escapes her notice. She inevitably appears just when you don't want her to. She is sometimes arrogant and condescending, especially towards the younger kids, she carries an infuriatingly superior air. The one thing she lacks is street cunning.

She is the first to suspect Neri's presence and her mission throughout the first season is to uncover Jason and Brett's secret. Her quick intelligence and logic keeps her hot on Neri's tail but Jason, Brett and Neri manage to outsmart her for almost the whole first year. She senses how close she's come to the truth and it drives her mad. When she does discover the truth she proves her worth and becomes an ally. She helps the group free Charley from the clutches of UBRI.

Finding MeraEdit

In the second season Vanessa continues to help hide Neri's secret. She continuously fends off the new commander's bully son Mick Byrne. While she is still arrogent and condescending at times her character is softened somewhat by being a part of a group of real friends. After Mick mellows out Vanessa and Mick make a connection romantic in nature.

Key PointsEdit

Character TraitsEdit

  1. She is physically adept.
  1. Trained in scuba and diving.
  1. Above average intelligence.
  1. Highly clever and able to problem solve.
  2. Observant.
  3. Not as cold in emotions as she portrays herself to be.
  4. Sensitive about being left out.

Defining MomentsEdit

  1. (Events that show character growth and/or are influential to the character, include episode number when applicable)

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